Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Checkmate: LGBT people and especially LGBT people of color an...

Checkmate: LGBT people and especially LGBT people of color an...: "Hate crimes are on the rise not only in the U.S, and as usual, nothing is being done about it. According to the current hate violence report..."

LGBT people and especially LGBT people of color and transsexuals are getting shafted by the powers that be, and not in a good way

Hate crimes are on the rise not only in the U.S, and as usual, nothing is being done about it. According to the current hate violence report from NCAVP. LGBT people in general and especially LGBT people of color and transsexual people of color are at the highest risk of being attacked or harmed

         Hate Violence Murders
  • Anti-LGBTQH murders increased 23% from 2009 (22 murders) to 2010 (27 murders), the second highest amount in a decade.  The only higher amount recorded in this decade was in 2008 (29 murders).
  • LGBTQH people of color were disproportionately impacted by murder.  LGBTQH people of color comprised 70% of all LGBTQH murder victims in 2010 but only represented 55% of total reports.  This continues a disturbing trend from 2009 when people of color represented 79% of murder victims.
  • Transgender women were disproportionately impacted by murder.  44% of LGBTQH murder victims 
  • were transgender women, yet only 11% of total reports came from transgender women.  This continues a problematic trend from 2009 figures when 50% of murder victims were transgender women.
  • 52% of the murder victims were non-transgender men, of these 37% identified as gay non-transgender 
  • men.  This is consistent to 2009 where 50% of murders were non-transgender men and is comparable to overall 2010 reports where 50% were non-transgender men.


    People who identified as either transgender or people of color were 2 times as likely to experience assault or discrimination as non-transgender white individuals. 
  • People who identified as transgender people or people of color were 1.5 times more likely to experience intimidation than non-transgender white individuals.  
  • People who identified as both transgender and people of color were almost 2.5 times more likely to experience discrimination than non-transgender white individuals.
  • Transgender people of color were 2 times as likely to experience intimidation as non-transgender white individuals.
  • Transgender people represented a higher proportion of hate violence survivors with injuries:  
  • Transgender survivors experienced higher rates of serious injuries (11.8%) as compared to non-transgender men (6.2%) or non-transgender women (1.3%). 

The powers that be are failing us all. And for black LGBT people, the black community and the LGBT community fails to protect or advocate for us. We have to stand up and protect ourselves and the people who need protecting. All of us. Evil only wins when good does nothing.

All of humanity needs to stand against injustice, when one spots a act of injustice one need to call it out for what it is and speak up about it!! When you see a gay kid get bullied in school, do something about it. If you see someone get bashed in the streets, do something about it. If you see someone mistreated because of their sexual orientation or sexual identity, do something about it!!

And if someone ever tries to bash you, be ready. Learn how to defend oneself. There needs to be LGBT run self defense programs, there needs to be LGBT run watchgroups. We all need to watch each other's backs.
Bigots are cowards at heart and they would never work up enough spine to attack a LGBT person if the LGBT people had backup. In fact, getting rolled on by a group of LGBT people is a bigot's worst nightmare.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's make that nightmare a reality.

Source: http://www.avp.org/documents/NCAVPHateViolenceReport2011Finaledjlfinaledits.pdf

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fred Karger is what John Mccain claims to be but isn't: A true maverick

Senator Mccain made a claim during the 2008 elections. He claimed that he was a maverick and was capable of stances that was not shared by the greater GOP.  I am making this post to state that this claim is false and that presidential hopeful Fred Karger is what mavericks are made of.

Fred Karger bravely rails against the status quo of the GOP knowing it to be political suicide. Karger seems to be the only politician in the country with a trace of a spine left. The only one left who will stand for the people. All the people.http://thedartmouth.com/2011/01/27/news/karger

The GOP seems hellbent on stopping Karger with underhanded tricks such as shutting him out of CPAChttp://unicornbooty.com/2011/02/why-was-gay-presidential-candidate-fred-karger-shut-out-from-cpac/

Now personally, I smell fear. Fear that the republicans of the this country will see things Karger's way and find out that they need not meddle in the lives of others to make this country great. But of course that's to be expected.

Senator McCain on the other hand votes with the GOP a vast majority of the time.http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2008/05/07/20080507mccainvotes0507.html

McCain does not want to be a maverick or even make the country better. He just wants to occupy the most powerful seat in the country. He does not stand for anything except profit. But it's not fair to single out Mr McCain, for every one of the bloodsucking creatures on both sides of the party line do the same thing. Fred Karger is hopefully the revival of goddammend politicians doing their goddamned job